December 2nd, 2020

One of the aims of the Center for Theoretical and Mathematical Science (CTMS) is to foster and encourage intellectual interactions and collaborations among the diverse theorists and mathematicians at Duke. To that end, we are initiating a new seminar series in a round-table format called The Marketplace of Ideas. The aim of this series is to provide a congenial environment in which to present new ideas and discuss interesting problems and challenges. We see this as an opportunity to explore different perspectives on classical problems, technical obstacles, unanswered questions and interesting puzzles in your research and your general field of study. Nothing, except the well-trodden path, should be off limits. One of the goals will be to initiate new collaborations among scientists from different fields.

We will hold these seminars as “brown bag” lunch seminars bi-weekly on Thursdays from 12:00pm to 1:00 pm, in room¬†3232 French Family Science Center. We conceive these lunches as informal gatherings, with each meeting dedicated to one, or at most two, topics. ¬†Click for Schedule of Speakers

We invite you to do a brief presentation on a topic in the spirit outlined above sometime during the current semester. Please contact either Berndt Mueller or Fred Nijhout if you are interested in signing up for one the available slots.