Former Fellows at CTMS

August 19th, 2019

Former Graduate Fellows

  • Viviane Callier
    Metabolism, Trachea, and Mitochondria
    Mathematical modeling of insulin signaling: connecting molecular mechanisms to physiological function

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  • Rick Dilling
    Building a Better Model of Fruit Fly Wing Development
    Construction of a PDE model of Drosophila wing development incorporating explicit genetic controls and anisotropic domain growth

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  • Emily Moran
    Seed Dispersal and Gene Flow in Red Oak

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  • Anand Pai
    Quorum Sensing and Bacterial Cooperation
    Modeling bacterial cooperation mediated by quorum sensing

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  • Adam Sokolow
    Measuring the Forces of Wound Healing
    Cell shape oscillations and cell delamination in tissue

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  • Gavin Taylor
    Feature Selection for Value Function Approximation

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  • Xiacheng Zeng
    Equilibrium Sampling for Biomolecules under Mechanical Tension

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